Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mick Taylor - Live In Memphis 2000 (FLAC)

Ok... Hi again folks. This is a really excellent soundboard recording of a laid back Blues show at a cool niteclub during Mick's late 2000 US East Coast tour. You'll want to grab this show if you don't have this one in your collection because it is quality all the way. Well, except for the goof on the artwork. There is an alternate set included. Oh... and before anybody mentions it... Jack Legs (not Jack Legg's) has this spelling on their site and the official Nashville business bureau site. Enjoy...

Mick Taylor
Jack Legs Speakeasy And Showcase
Nashville, TN
September 16, 2000

Live In Memphis 2000

Soundboard recording > ? > Bootleg 2 CD or CD-R set? > Traded fileset > WAV > WaveLab 5 (DC offset correction) > WAV > FLAC (level 8, align to sector boundaries) > TLH > Upload


CD 1
01 Secret Affair
02 Twisted Sister
03 Late At Night
04 Losing My Faith
05 You Gotta Move

CD 2
01 Goin' South
02 You Shook Me
03 Blind Willie McTell
04 Boogie Man

Mick Taylor (guitar, vocal)
Max Middleton (keyboards)
Robert Ahwai (guitar)
Michael Bailey (bass, vocal)
Martin Ditcham (drums)

Although this bootleg is titled 'Live In Memphis 2000' and the artwork included says that it was recorded in Memphis, the actual location of the 'Jack Legs Speakeasy And Showcase' is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Artwork is included. And, an alternate more correct set also.

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